As part of an active scientific community that studies the DNA damage response (DDR) and its impact on cancer and aging, research in the lab of Matthias Altmeyer is aimed at elucidating cellular mechanisms of genome integrity maintenance and their deregulation in human disease. Here you can explore who we are and what we do. Welcome!

Measuring cellular responses to PARP inhibition

Research distinctions for Stefania and Jone

Lab members Stefania and Jone both received distinctions for their work: Stefania won a poster price at the EMBO Workshop on Chromatin dynamics & nuclear organization in genome maintenance, and Jone received new project funding from the UZH. Very well done!


Measuring cellular responses to PARP inhibition

Measuring cellular responses to PARP inhibition

Our newest paper on PARP inhibitor toxicity is published in Nature Communications! Check how high-content imaging reveals the earliest cellular responses to PARP inhibition and unravels the sequence of events from PARP trapping to DNA damage, cell cycle arrest and cell death.


Postdoctoral Candidates and MSc/PhD Students

Postdoctoral Candidates and MSc/PhD Students

We are currently looking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher and/or MSc & PhD students to join our lab. If you are interested in chromatin dynamics and genome stability and have a liking for quantitative cell biology, please take a look at our open positions.

Current Openings

Featured News from the Lab

Approach of the lab featured in BIOspektrum

May 2018

Our research and experimental approach was recently featured in a High Content Imaging (HCI) Special in BIOspektrum, the magazine of the German bioscience societies GBM, VAAM, GfG and DGPT. Have a look at the current issue, HCI is not only about large-scale screens. Here is the article and here the link to the complete issue.

Lab research featured in UZH Magazin and in the Annual Report 2017

March 2018

Research of the group brought to life by Roland Fischer and photographer Marc Latzel for UZH Magazin 01/2018 (UZH News). Download the full article or the complete magazine (in German). Read the English translation here.

Our work was also included in the UZH Annual Report 2017. Download the complete Annual Report or have a look at the online summary.

 Joint Department Colloquium starts off the year

January 2018

We started into 2018 with our third DMMD Colloquium, a day full of scientific talks and poster sessions to foster discussions and provide an overview of our research activities to newcomers. Special feature this time: an entertaining lecture by communication trainer Dani Nieth.


News & Views: Daughters sense their mother's stress

November 2017

Read the News & Views article on our recently published work on the effects of DNA damage propagation from one cell generation to the next. It nicely puts our work into context with recent findings from the labs of Tobias Meyer, Sabrina Spencer, and Chris Bakal. Access the News & Views via PubMed or the Cell Cycle homepage.

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