Open Positions

If you are interested in conducting molecular cancer research in a dynamic and vibrant international research environment, please consider the following opportunities:

Postdoctoral candidates

Motivated applications from postdoctoral candidates with a strong interest in genome stability, chromatin biology, or biomolecular condensates and willing to apply for competitive fellowships are always encouraged. Please prepare your CV, list of publications, and research interests and contact us.

Fellowship options

In addition to outgoing fellowship options from funding agencies in your home country, please consider the following funding schemes:

PhD candidates

PhD students will be recruited through the Molecular Life Sciences (MLS) and Cancer Biology Programs of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School (LSZGS). Applications can be submitted twice a year, please see the LSZGS website for application deadlines and further details.

Fellowship options

If no open positions are announced via the LSZGS, please consider the following options:

Master students

Enthusiastic students with a background in cell and molecular biology and prior lab experience are welcome to contact us.

Current Opening